Vera de Pont
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Weavers Werkstatt • weaving research

 Weavers Werkstatt • An initiative by Jongeriuslab

Image by Vera de Pont

Image by Vera de Pont


At the invitation of Lafayette Anticipations, Hella Jongerius and her design studio Jongeriuslab have transformed the rooms of Lafayette Anticipations into an experimental workspace from June to September 2019.
In the Weavers Werkstatt project, Jongeriuslab is collaborating with design students and textile designers to carry out practice-oriented textile research.

Vera de Pont is one of the selected designers that is participating in this textile research on the TC2 loom.
Within the framework of this research, Weavers Werkstatt is promoting knowledge transfer between starting and more experienced textile designers and the development of expertise to offer innovation and solutions to the challenges that the textile sector is facing.

Vera de Pont has been researching woven joints and 2,5 structures on the TC2 loom, a research that started 5 years ago with her graduation project Pop•up. This project showcased textiles that transform into a 3D garment from a 2d woven surface.