Vera de Pont
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A colourful piece of textile that easily transforms into a coat of your choosing.
All you need is a pair of scissors.

The time consuming sewing process is eliminated with five designs that pop into shape when you put them on - no seams needed.

The wearer chooses the final garment by cutting out the pattern of their choice.
This approach to garment production enables the designer to add multiple garments and options into one textile piece,
thus making production more efficiënt. 


There is a silkscreened and a woven version. 
The use of melting yarns prevents the woven fabric from fraying and comes with a double-sided pattern.  

The silkscreened version was made cuttable by means of heat foil, pressed onto the fabric.

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The garments are produced locally in The Netherlands.

A special thanks to EElabels |

Graduation project Design Academy Eindhoven 2015

Nominated Renee Smeets Award 2015
Nominated Keep an Eye Grant 2015
Nominated Melkweg Award 2015