Outdoor tapestry

Commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam

In collaboration with Martijn van Strien


To illustrate the vision of the Open Source Fasion Manifesto,

Van Strien and De Pont created a unique tapestry for the outside of the Nieuwe Instituut building.

The Outdoor Tapestry is developed at the TextielLab Tilburg and contains specifically selected

yarns that make it fully weather- and temperature-proof.

The three messages that can be read are ‘Make it last’, ‘Download me here’ and

'You made it, now change it’. All three are chapter titles from the Manifesto.

The time of day and type of light that hits the tapestry determines which message is visible.

For this effect each phrase is woven from one high-tech yarn, either coloured, glow in the dark or reflective.


The tapestry invites passers-by to discover the exhibition and manifesto inside the Nieuwe Instituut.