What if we make a paradigm shift and design a system for open source FASHION, highly adaptive to local needs, environments and the local availability of materials?
To empower people to drive social change, build self-sufficient communities and exchange knowledge?
What if we could provide the necessary tools and spaces to enable upcoming local economies to flourish, and co-create the foundation for a better everyday life for many people?

The Assembly Lab is a micro-manufacturing store where an array of wearables is produced locally and on demand, by means of robots. It makes use of modern digital techniques and machines which incorporates the user as a co-creator. It’s a place where you can make use of machinery, and see your product being made on the spot, in front of your eyes. There is no production chain going to China and back, and it’s a place to which you can return when you need to, for example when something isn’t functioning correctly, and where you can find all the references to the materials used in the material library.

the assembly lab 01

In stead of sewing machines and hand tools, all machines in this Assembly Lab are digitally operated. They can be used by anyone who steps into this lab, to be in immediate contact with the user and not have anyone in between. The lab’s machines produce fully finished garments or parts that can be assembled, opening the door for customised manufacturing of wearables and reducing the logistics costs. Still, global companies will exist alongside it. But their role will shift from primary producers or distributors to coordinators of networks.

All machines are designed with care and detail; introducing a machine language with round shapes and gentle colors. The machines are not for sale as domestic desktop machines. Rather, they are updated and replaced in the store if necessary.

assemblylab 02