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Vera de Pont (1991)
is a one man company researching on-demand fashion (items), based on her vision to prevent waste material immediately at the start of the production line and to only create wearables when there is a direct need for it. 

Vera has a small background in biomedical science and a degree in photography. 
In 2015 she graduated cum laude from the design academy eindhoven, followed by a master's degree in sustainable fashion at the sandberg institute in amsterdam.

in 2017 she launched the assembly lab, which is her written thesis work aswell as the start of her continuing research work; modular and locally produced footwear and garments that incorporate the consumer as a maker.

These projects also investigate the role of technology within local fashion production and co-creation in order to analyse the benefits this may offer to create a more collaborative and environmentally, socially and economically sustainable fashion system.
Her machines and conceptual apparatus either produce fully finished garments or parts that can be assembled, opening the door for customised manufacturing of wearables and reducing the logistics costs. 

She co-wrote the Open Source Fashion Manifesto together with Martijn van Strien and she co-founded an on-demand sportswear brand (Anoukxvera) together with anouk van de sande in 2015.

Current positions:
currently vera is taking part in two teams funded by the wear sustain project, which is motivated by a passion about changing the way industry, especially the electronics and technology industry and supply-chain, but also the fashion and textiles industries, and how they make their products.
The WEAR Sustain project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

2015 • founder and creative director • studio Vera de Pont
2015 • co-founder and creative director • studio Anoukxvera
2015 • silkscreen instructor •  design academy eindhoven 

commissioned work and clients
freelance Projects for (international) companies include prototype development and material research in the field of fashion and footwear, often by means of 3D printing and digital embroidery. 

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Nominated for the Fashion Makes Sense Award (Fashion Clash) 2017
Nominated for the Vriendenprijs (Textielmuseum) 2016
Nominated for the Renee Smeets Award 2015
Nominated for the Keep an Eye Grant 2015
Nominated for the Melkweg Award 2015

Relevant degrees:
Biomedical Science (Leuven, Maastricht) - Propedeuse
Photography academy Eindhoven - technical degree
Design Academy Eindhoven - Bachelor degree (Cum Laude )
Sandberg Institute Amsterdam - Master’s degree (“Fashion Matters”)